CHRoOMAX Pred 16 urami
Not my winner for sure. No high notes nor a catchy tone or underlying beat, slightly too simple lyrics for me as they're very repetitive with little variation. If you're untrained in French like me you can only really grasp the passion and the love, but not much of the song's message, which it is more so trying to convey than being a catchy song.
Farid Gasimov
Farid Gasimov Pred 16 urami
Greetings from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿❤️🇩🇰
nona noni
nona noni Pred 16 urami
Why so many dislikes? This song is beautiful even if it doesn’t fit the Eurovision standards... and don’t we want quality and diversity
Ron Pred 16 urami
אפ אפ יאללה יאללה איפו את ישנה ‏שקר לך יא מלעונאה
N Ramsa
N Ramsa Pred 16 urami
On vous adore !
Isanne Yard
Isanne Yard Pred 16 urami
VIO Pred 16 urami
He looks like my best friends dad 15 years ago
Emma Burton
Emma Burton Pred 16 urami
Enough with the defeatist attitudes, negativity is draining. Could this do with some more energy? Yes - that is my biggest criticism. But there's effort behind this and you can see James trying 0:24 and that should be commended. He's in the first half? So? I'm pretty sure plenty of acts over the years that have been in the first half have done well. First half doesn't mean automatic absolute failure, jeez. Look what happened with Spain in 2019 - closed the show and even though I like the song a lot, it was bottom five I'm pretty sure? nothing is certain - it all depends on who qualifies and who they put around him and where they put him. Yes, it's a shame about the pyro but that beat that comes in part way through the chorus is so infectious I can help but move to it, regardless of the energy on stage. Regardless of how well or not you think this will do or if you like the song or not, this is one of the best songs the UK has sent in a while and it deserves some support for the effort James is putting into this in trying to get a decent enough result.
Lisa Mona
Lisa Mona Pred 16 urami
And we have a WINNER!!!! Love , from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Hrafnhildur Harðardóttir
Hrafnhildur Harðardóttir Pred 16 urami
i love you
franmr92 Pred 16 urami
Good luck Blas!
Polina Ponomareva
Polina Ponomareva Pred 16 urami
henner777 Pred 16 urami
I can not unhear ‘You are NOT gunna light up the room’
Robert Westheim
Robert Westheim Pred 16 urami
It's a shame that Jeangu's song so is underrated, and on the 31th place on oddchecker. It deserve a higher place than the 31th.
Bartek9260 Kowalski
Bartek9260 Kowalski Pred 16 urami
Callum Pred 16 urami
I know this is only a preview but I think James needs to move more, even a bit of bouncing would give the song more life, but as I said, that very well could happen, it’s just a preview :) can’t wait to see what happens next week!
Rebecka Pimenoff
Rebecka Pimenoff Pred 16 urami
Around 08:20 those icecream cones were the best 😂
Agata Starsiak
Agata Starsiak Pred 16 urami
I'm sure Cyprus Elena will win this Eurovision 2021. You are the best gives you the first place 🎤🎤🎤❤❤
YTrainz Pred 16 urami
The stand in singers name is Emmie and she’s from Rotterdam
Анастасия Леушина
Анастасия Леушина Pred 16 urami
Simon Fiyah
Simon Fiyah Pred 16 urami
bombaclaat... bomba claat...
Baila Baila
Baila Baila Pred 16 urami
Потрясающая песня! Каждый должен услышать ее, понять, осознать, какую огромную ответственность накладывает общество на женщин!
Tatyana Ts.
Tatyana Ts. Pred 16 urami
omg! bravi ragazzi!!!
Ellen Pred 16 urami
The man has the comfort of going it directly to the finals.
Mary K
Mary K Pred 16 urami
RIP Αγάθωνας
Аня Гінна
Аня Гінна Pred 16 urami
My top 3😍😍😍 Good luck Italy 🇮🇹❤️🇺🇦
Fortuna Veneruso
Fortuna Veneruso Pred 16 urami
Please let them win
Luca luca
Luca luca Pred 16 urami
Wow, wonderful!.Goo the Netherlands
TheGoaBase Pred 16 urami
Finland is better and more original
Ktk1l Pred 16 urami
Nothing interesting, a standard band.
Milo Eins
Milo Eins Pred 16 urami
C’est une femme si charismatiquement meurtrière🤭🥰✨
Víctor Segovia
Víctor Segovia Pred 16 urami
Pues que queréis que os diga, a mí me parece PRECIOSO este trocito de realización ❤️🌙✨
Gurkenwasser 04
Gurkenwasser 04 Pred 16 urami
Noch nie so eine scheiße gesehen und gehört, ich schäme mich für mein Land
Malina Ivanova
Malina Ivanova Pred 16 urami
Така и не разбрах откъде дойде тоя хейт срещу това скромно, притеснително и талантливо момиче. Всеки може да си харесва каквото иска, но защо трябва да обиждаш. Хората могат да са отвратителни и само се надявам всеки да си получи заслуженото рано или късно. Вики, забавлявай се и изобщо не го мисли, взимай най-хубавото и игнорирай лошото от това преживяване,ти си прекрасна.
Таня Марченкова
Таня Марченкова Pred 16 urami
sings well, but it's boring to watch
Tamela Casey
Tamela Casey Pred 16 urami
Bartek9260 Kowalski
Bartek9260 Kowalski Pred 16 urami
Lone tomato
Lone tomato Pred 16 urami
Amazing song, I want Italy to win this year! 🇮🇹❤🇷🇺
Beth Cherry
Beth Cherry Pred 16 urami
Love the song but the staging let’s the whole performance down in my opinion.
Berkay Pred 16 urami
The song is outstanding, but i find the staging a little bit empty . Of course the song is slow and doesn't need to a lot happening on stage , but in this way it gives nothing. At least camera angles save the stiuation.
Elias Jesus
Elias Jesus Pred 16 urami
Cosa dire? Bellissimo palcoscenico, bella canzone, bravi ragazzi! Hanno la possibilità di vincere! In bocca al lupo e saluti dal Brasile! 🇧🇷🇮🇹❤️
dark Pred 16 urami
Che merda di canzone forza maneskin ITALY IS BEST 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹♥️♥️♥️♥️
Moly Kud
Moly Kud Pred 16 urami
I think it is the best Germany performance since 2013 ❤️
nona noni
nona noni Pred 16 urami
Why so many dislikes? This song is beautiful even if it doesn’t fit the Eurovision standards... and don’t we want quality and diversity?
henner777 Pred 16 urami
I had hope that the staging wouldn’t push the cheese factor but feel it’s gone too far. It’s a fun song but it can be cool without the cheesy dancing and trumpets. I also hear slight off key vibes from those backing singers. Josh Dubovie 2010 all over again. When will the U.K. learn?
Aurora Demiraj
Aurora Demiraj Pred 16 urami
Te dua Shqiperia ime 🇦🇱🇦🇱
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 16 urami
I don't know why, but I really like them, sound, vibe. Good luck from Croatia. 🇭🇷🔥
Marcorro mix, reviews y mucho más
Marcorro mix, reviews y mucho más Pred 16 urami
Por fin tve hace una puesta en escena decente, ya era hora tía
Pürnur Çayir
Pürnur Çayir Pred 16 urami
As always germany is kiddin with esc again
Fatime Rehimova
Fatime Rehimova Pred 16 urami
Vote#14 AZE🇦🇿
R Pred 16 urami
Simply WOW! - from Israel 🇮🇱
Adrian S
Adrian S Pred 16 urami
Big mistake with the clothing, but other than that they are amazing. Love them!!
Eslovenia 🇸🇮 best
Pineapple Pred 16 urami
Please got final👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😇😇😇😇😇🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
Adam Białaczewski
Adam Białaczewski Pred 16 urami
amina g
amina g Pred 16 urami
Super pjesma! Podsjeca na pjesmu Dine Merlina - Mi.☺️
Large Chips
Large Chips Pred 16 urami
NEW FAVOURITE ALERT!!! Italy is the new favourite to win with a 21% chance of winning, France is now 2nd with 20% and Malta 3rd with 12%.
Flavio_musique official
Flavio_musique official Pred 16 urami
TheGoaBase Pred 16 urami
JG Pred 16 urami
Hoe kan je dit Nederlands noemen😔
Mary K
Mary K Pred 16 urami
Very underrated
Agata Starsiak
Agata Starsiak Pred 16 urami
Moldova looks beautiful, I will vote for you, you can win this Eurovision 2021 💖💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖
louis webster
louis webster Pred 16 urami
If I see one comment that says, ‘broccoli twerking’ I swear...
Nikola •
Nikola • Pred 16 urami
Amazing performance, the energy woow 🔥🇷🇸❤️
Giada Rinaldini
Giada Rinaldini Pred 16 urami
I'm waiting for their interview with Nikkie!
Josipa Pavela
Josipa Pavela Pred 16 urami
First listening: wtf Second listening: interesanting... 10000. Time: sejo sejo sejo sejo konopeee leckeeeee sejo sejo sejo sejo zelene seenkeee🙈🙆‍♀️
Mary K
Mary K Pred 16 urami
Wtf direction is this?
Isabel Ruiz Peñato
Isabel Ruiz Peñato Pred 16 urami
Blas cantó igual el primero no queda.... Pero top 15 sí
stilldownwiththemutantunderground Pred 16 urami
Cancel the competition. Italy has already won.
Sun Light
Sun Light Pred 16 urami
Awesome Sweden 🇸🇪 well done 👍 from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬
AngryDouche Pred 16 urami
20 years back from now I only see Euphoria, Molitva, Wild Dances as winning songs.. others are like "wtf" to me
Anna Elisabetta Pappagallo
Anna Elisabetta Pappagallo Pred 16 urami
Ma hanno cambiato le parole nel testo o sbaglio?
Ambam Pred 16 urami
Regolamento Esc, è toccato a tutti
Flavio_musique official
Flavio_musique official Pred 16 urami
@Anna Elisabetta Pappagallo eh si
Anna Elisabetta Pappagallo
Anna Elisabetta Pappagallo Pred 16 urami
@Flavio_musique official Che tristezza
Flavio_musique official
Flavio_musique official Pred 16 urami
Si solo le parolacce
sky _
sky _ Pred 16 urami
I get winner vibes when I watch this entry!
mdazrielnaufal Pred 16 urami
Adrian S
Adrian S Pred 16 urami
Truly truly bad. We are not in 1956 anymore. I can not connect to this nor the artist. Very sorry France. Choose better next time, please.
Mattia Ferrara
Mattia Ferrara Pred 16 urami
where is my Alexander Rybak feat. 2CELLOS?! I definitely need it and now.
Katerina's art
Katerina's art Pred 16 urami
Really nice performance deserve top! Good luck from Greece
Aleksandar Kojić
Aleksandar Kojić Pred 16 urami
That's it, winner!
M P Pred 16 urami
At 0.28 - 0.30 can anyone else hear the sound of bagpipes or is it my idea?? It is amazing! If they added bagpipes at that part it is impreesive!
Dancing FunShow
Dancing FunShow Pred 16 urami
Εφόσον τελείωσαν οι πρόβες,θεωρώ πλέον,το μεγαλύτερο φαβορί την Ιταλία,προσωπικά μου αρέσει πολύ,είναι δυναμικό,ξεχωριστό με πολύ δυνατή παρουσίαση! Θεωρώ οτι το παιχνίδι φέτος θα παιχτεί ανάμεσα σε Ιταλία και Γαλλία,εξαιρετική παρουσία και η Γαλλία που στέλνει κάτι πολύ απλό,αλλά με υπέροχο τραγούδι,και μια υπέροχη φωνή,απλά θεωρώ οτι η Γαλλία σιγά μην θέλει να αναλάβει την eurovision,οταν εχει να διοργανώσει την junior eurovision. Τέλος θα πώ,οτι σαν Έλληνες θα πρέπει να είμαστε περήφανοι για την Στεφανία,ένα πολύ γλυκό πλάσμα,που στα 18 της,εκροσωπεί την χώρα μας,επάξια,με ένα τραγούδι που δεν στηρίζεται πάνω σε αντιγραφές ξένων τραγουδιών και σε μια σκηνική παρουσία που είναι μοναδική και οχι κοπιάρισμα! Η συνταγή μας για φέτος ήταν μοναδική και δεν δέχομαι συζήτηση περι αυτού! Σταματήστε την καραμέλα γιατί δεν στείλαμε κάτι ελληνικό!* Μπράβο στην Στεφανία μας,και καλή της επιτυχία!
Dancing FunShow
Dancing FunShow Pred 16 urami
στείλαμε ελληνικό δείτε Utopia land,Λούκα Γιώρκα,Γιάννα Τερζή..και??? η Στεφανία είναι απίστευτο πλάσμα και μας εκροσωπεί επάξια! Να είμαστε περήφανοι με μια θέση στην δεκάδα,μετά την πτώση των τελευταίων ετών! Καλή διασκέδαση.
Agata Starsiak
Agata Starsiak Pred 16 urami
Moldova looks beautiful, I will vote for you, you can win this Eurovision 2021 💖💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖